Financial Issues In Divorce Cases

Naperville firm Grunyk Family Law, provides comprehensive family law and divorce advice and representation, and brings unique financial experience and insight into its law practice. The firm takes a business approach to the practice of law, continually striving to increase the value and cost-effectiveness of its services, while never sacrificing quality.

The Importance Of Accurate Financial Documentation In Divorce Cases

Family law issues, such as divorce, allocation of parental responsibilities (custody) and support matters, often involve complex financial and tax components. These determinations can have a substantial impact on you and your family for years to come — it is absolutely critical that your family law lawyer has the strong financial background needed to protect your rights and resolve complex financial issues.

Additionally, the new statute in Illinois places strict requirements on parties in a divorce or parentage matter to provide complete and precise financial forms. These forms are then used by the court to allocate property, determine support amounts or determine a party’s ability to contribute to college expenses.

It is imperative that you have an attorney who works with you to ensure the required forms accurately reflect your financial situation. Grunyk Family Law, can assist you with these forms and help protect your retirement, your credit, other assets and your home.

How Our Firm Can Make A Difference

Grunyk Family Law, has the financial skills and experience to help clients identify the issues they need to be aware of and manage them to their advantage. The firm also works with financial professionals, specifically trained in family law planning, to ensure your financial future is secure.

It is vital that you resolve issues involving division of property, division of debt, taxes and support correctly the first time. Rely on Illinois family law firm Grunyk Family Law — a firm with extensive legal, business, and financial experience — to help you successfully navigate the process.

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