A Special Message
from Grunyk Family Law

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Mar 30, 2020

To Our Valued Clients:

As you no doubt know, the fallout from the global pandemic is reaching all areas of daily life, both personally and economically. As family law attorneys, we want to guide you through these difficult issues and situations to find the best resolution for you and your family.

We want you to know that if you need to modify or adjust the support you are paying or receiving during this time, it must be done through the filing of a motion with the courts; you cannot unilaterally change what you pay, or what you receive. If the court does not approve a modification, then the money will still be owed, and you could potentially find yourself the subject of a contempt of court proceeding.

If you are concerned about parenting time during this time, then please reach out and give us a call or send an email to discuss the issue and the options. You cannot stop parenting time with the other parent just because of the shelter in place order. There may be other reasons why a restriction might be warranted, but we need to discuss options before you limit or restrict parenting time.

As we all face this unprecedented point in our lives, we will help you to navigate the legal aspects of your family law issues with clear, level heads and the wealth of our experience and knowledge of the law and of the courts’ positions on these temporary issues.

We are in this together, and will get through it, together.

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