DuPage Association of Women Lawyers Celebrates Installment of 36th President Victoria C. Kelly of Grunyk Family Law

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Mar 17, 2021

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DuPage Association of Women Lawyers Celebrates Installment of 36th President Victoria C. Kelly of Grunyk Family Law.

The DuPage Association of Women Lawyers (D.A.W.L.) celebrates the installment of 2021 officers and directors, including 36th President Victoria C. Kelly, Partner of Grunyk Family Law this April. Attorney Kelly has attracted attention for her work as a litigator and in alternative family law dispute. Kelly looks forward to sharing her mindful and family-centered approach with the DuPage law community.

“I feel honored to be seated as the 36th President of D.A.W.L. I am proud to be a member of DuPage Association of Women Lawyers. I am lucky to learn from and be inspired by some of the top female attorneys in our area, and I hope to make my mark as one of those lawyers,” shares Kelly.

D.A.W.L. was formed in 1980 by the Honorable Helen C. Kinney, DuPage County's first female Assistant States Attorney and first female Judge. Formally incorporated in the year 1982, the organization has grown to inclusively welcome women and men, lawyers and non-lawyers, who reside and work throughout Northern Illinois. The Association is large enough to have an active voice in the community, yet small enough to ensure the close connection between its members.

May 27th, newly appointed officers and directors will be honored at the Annual Installation Dinner being hosted at Cress Creek Country Club in Naperville, IL. In addition to honoring club members and appointments, the member-exclusive dinner will honor the 2021 Inspirational Woman of the Year. This award aims to honor women who embrace all aspects of womanhood, managing to successfully balance the demands of family, friends, colleagues and clients, as well as community service efforts.

Additional Resources:

Learn more about The DuPage Association of Women Lawyers (D.A.W.L.) by visiting https://www.dawl.org/. Learn more about Grunyk Family Law Managing Partner Victoria C. Kelly by visiting https://www.grunyklaw.com/victoria-c-kelly.

Additional Quotes from Victoria C. Kelly:

"Regardless of the approach, whether litigation or settlement, I believe in a dignified approach to your case. As a family law attorney, your family's happiness is important to me. My goal is to work with my clients to achieve a dignified approach to your case...after all, when the dust settles, many times you still have to work with your ex-partner for the benefit of your children."

"It is imperative that my clients are educated on the process. When clients understand the process, we can move to an outcome that benefits the family. Every case calls for a different approach."

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